DBA Business License

The Winnebago County Clerk’s office administers “Doing Business As” or “DBA” business licenses and Certificates of Ownership. All sole proprietorship and partnership businesses in Winnebago County must file for a DBA license or Assumed Name.
(NOTE: If you are starting a corporation, you need to file with Springfield, IL.)


1.  Obtain an 'Assumed Name Certificate of Intention' form from our office.

2.  The 'Assumed Name Certificate of Intention' must be filled out in triplicate (three copies) and in black ink.

3.  If you sign the form outside of the County Clerk's office, your signature must be notarized.  If you fill the form out in the County Clerk's office, you can sign in front of a deputy clerk at the office. 

4.  The County Clerk's office needs to see a valid driver's license or State ID for identification purposes.

5.  There is a $30.00 filing fee to be paid when you submit the 'Assumed Name Certificate of Intention' to our office.

6.  The form will be file dated.  You will be given a receipt for the $30.00 payment and two copies of the 'Assumed name Certificate of Intention'.

7.  You will then take the receipt and the two copies to a local newspaper.  It must be a newspaper that publishes at least once a week, publishes news and has a legal notice section.  The notice must appear in the newpaper within 15 days from the initial filing with the County Clerk's office.

8.  The newspaper will publish the notice once a week for three consecutive weeks in the legal notice section.  Payment for the publication is the responsibility of the business owner.

9.  Upon completion of the three weeks of publication, the newspaper will usually mail the County Clerk's office a 'Certificate of Publication'.  You should check with the newspaper to be sure they have sent this certificate to our office. 

10.  The County Clerk's office will then issue your 'Certificate of Ownership' which shows that your business is registered in Winnebago County.

11.  Your business should not be operating under the Assumed Name until you have received the 'Certificate of Ownership' from the Winnebago County Clerk's Office.

12.  If there are any changes in ownership or address of the business, these changes need to be updated and filed in the County Clerk's office.